Reach Users Across Platforms

Dish Experience
In today’s marketplace, a website is the minimum presence for any business to have besides its business card and phone number. Our web development services will create a responsive website that can be either minimalist or robust and still be as feature rich as needed. The possibilities are endless. Pre-qualify leads, showcase products, conduct sales and more.
We utilize the latest development stacks that best suite the job, such as the ever-popular WordPress that includes many add-ons that are virtually free and dramatically improve a websites’ functionality. When custom code or special features are needed, we can do that too. Hosting can be done on your chosen infrastructure or we can provide you with hosting that is readily available on our world class infrastructure.
Your web site is your first face with your clients. Capital IT will create this vital asset with a style that matches your business’ tone and makes you proud of showing it off.


We build websites that target customers across all platforms. The functionality of these websites ranges from brochure-ware to fully featured eCommerce portals.

Coding & Development


You know what you think is possible. There are so many amazing tools and platforms available today. Let us show you how.

Mobile Development


We live in unprecedented times. Connect one-to-one with your customers anywhere on the planet!

Business Intelligence


Your data is your business. Go beyond stock taking and start predicting granular buying patterns.

Software Quality Testing


There is never enough time to assure quality in your hard work. Let us take on this burden and allow you to get back to strategic initiatives.

SEO & Advertising


SEO is the key to making content rank highly in natural or organic search results. We work with your SEO specialist to ensure the results you expect.