We live in unprecedented times

More than 65% of North Americans engage with your brand via hand-held devices.
Coding & Development
Mobile app development has become critical for many businesses with more than 3 billion people worldwide using smartphones and more than 1.5 billion using tablets (as of 2019). Users, on average, spend 90% of their mobile time in apps and have downloaded more than 700 million apps from various app stores.
User interface (UI) design is an essential part in the creation of mobile apps. Developers must consider a wide array of factors including screen sizes, hardware specifications, configurations, rapid changes of each platform, user context, input, and limited cognitive attention.
From creating customer-merchant communication channels to highly scalable mobile solutions for leading businesses, Capital IT can provide comprehensive services. We have helped clients avoid budget overrun while building user-friendly mobile apps. Our mobile app developers craft attractive, functional and user-friendly mobile apps for every and any kind of business.
A mobile app provides customers the opportunity to engage with you while enjoying a product experience across different touch points. Our mobile app developers make sure that your app consistently reinforces your product offerings to increase visibility and achieve higher conversion of customers.
Capital IT creates compelling & enterprise-grade mobile applications for every mobile platform.


We build websites that target customers across all platforms. The functionality of these websites ranges from brochure-ware to fully featured eCommerce portals.

Coding & Development


You know what you think is possible. There are so many amazing tools and platforms available today. Let us show you how.

Mobile Development


We live in unprecedented times. Connect one-to-one with your customers anywhere on the planet!

Business Intelligence


Your data is your business. Go beyond stock taking and start predicting granular buying patterns.

Software Quality Testing


There is never enough time to assure quality in your hard work. Let us take on this burden and allow you to get back to strategic initiatives.

SEO & Advertising


SEO is the key to making content rank highly in natural or organic search results. We work with your SEO specialist to ensure the results you expect.