Some of our solutions

These are a sampling of some of the projects we have worked on:

Dish Experience
A peer to peer platform for up and coming chefs to build a following. This platform allows users to book events, track feedback and connect to payment processors.
This robust application was built for medical clinics in the health care industry and provides features and functions ranging from patient visits to integration with the Ministry of Health.
Rent Farm Tools
An industry specialized peer to peer application that serves the agriculture industry. This platform allows farmers to rent out idle equipment for additional revenue.
Bet America
Built for the world of online betting and North American horse racing. This application connects to industry tote systems as well as several other industry data feeds for users to bet on races.
Race Analyzer
This unique application processes real time racing data and applies a proprietary algorithm in order to determine a winner. This application interfaces with tote systems as well as provides functionality for regression analytics.
Den Bosch + Finchley
We designed a website for this Design and Build Architectural firm that would be relevant for decades.
Jewel Quest
A very popular game that was ported to additional platforms to reach a wider audience.
Virtual Horseracing
We have created an amazing virtual world for horseracing. This 3D world, where horses race, mirrors that of real-world horseracing and has a built in pari-mutuel engine.
Just Jeeps
We took this vendor from zero online presence to one that tripled in-store sales.
Tournament Standings
eSports is growing in popularity, and is loved by many. This app allows attendees to view and be notified of standing of games they are following.
Patient Connect
A mobile app giving patients access to various appointments and treatment protocols, as well as local safety alerts.
This social media platform gives users the ability to share memories and be linked with others who experience the same event.
Institute of Rock N Roll
We designed a web site for a music school so that they could provide lessons for a rock band program.
Pet breeder Connection
A platform for dog breeders to connect with the public to display litters, document lineage, customer experience reviews, newsletter and online selling.
An interface for patients to book their own appointments with clinics.
Wine Inventory System
A private market maker that allowed users to trade their rare vintages of wine.
Skinny Me Now
A platform built for a weight loss program which included videos and progress tracking and monthly subscription payments.