The integration and development of databases is an essential skill set required to fully utilize the power of Web-based internal and external solutions. The complexities of this process clearly represent different technical issues. Designing for database integration is perhaps when Capital IT’s philosophic focus on simplicity and visual engagement are probably the most critical. Having the information is one thing, getting at it and keeping it consistent is another. We don’t forget that in the process of development.

  • Data Modeling: The blue print for your business. It is the foundation of any business information system. Errors and omissions have far reaching impact into accuracy of reporting on your business or enabling business to adapt quickly.
  • Data Warehousing: taking data from every department including accounting, marketing, sales, shipping, and administration etc. Serving as a central repository for summarizing and reporting on everything about business information and analysis enabling management to access data quickly and easily.
  • Data Mining: is a query technique that allows the automated extraction of business information from data, that would be almost impossible to perform manually because of its complexity.