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Tools and Technology

The IT arena is experiencing a veritable explosion of new technologies and design tools. Capital IT is committed to maintaining a solid working knowledge of the most important new technologies. We understand how these various new technologies can be applied, how they interact with existing technology and how they can be applied judiciously to a given design challenge. Our commitment to maintaining a deep understanding of complex technologies enables us to create the maximum impact using the most economical means.

Our core skills bring together expertise in programming on multiple platforms such as UNIX and Windows 95/98/NT/2000, using languages including:

Java ASP Visual Basic
Delphi C/C++ PERL
  Shell Scripting  

We have extensive experience designing SQL databases including:

Oracle SQL server DB2
Sybase Informix MS Access

New Media Graphics and Animation:

3D Studio Max Illustrator Photoshop
Director GoLive Flash
Fireworks Premier Dreamweaver

From streaming music and comedy to online gaming sites, content and image rule the entertainment and media industries. Designing and executing projects that combine captivating graphics with an immersive and informative user experience is what Capital IT has done for such clients as PlayStar and JokeStream. In addition to using cutting edge technologies like streaming media and Shockwave to enhance our entertainment projects, we have experience in designing proprietary tools designed to give our clients the resources they need to manage content and site traffic both painlessly and cost effectively.

Tool sets, standards and environments that we have experience with include:

Web Objects WebSql Cold Fusion
Macromedia Flash Macromedia Director Net Dynamics
Sapphire Web CGI Scripting Active X
VBScript JavaScript Jscript

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