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Below are some examples and discussions of work we have done for our various clientele. We are currently working on two major projects, in addition to several smaller ones. Some of the Capital IT tasks completed or ongoing include, a publicly traded Internet casino operation and a joint venture with JokeStream Media to develop and manage a broadcast comedy television station on the Internet. All of our projects integrate with data sources including Oracle and MS SQL server, and require project management, development and consultation.


This is an online flash game developed for based on a downloadable version of the game.

Match like jewels to remove them from the board and turn the underlying tile to gold. Turn all the tiles gold to win the round.

Play JewelQuest

Playstar Casino

The PlayStar Casino is designed to take advantage of the amazing growth in on-line Internet casino-style gambling. Capital IT built the Casino software for and is continuing its relationship into ongoing development of games, marketing and management of technology.

The casino uses sophisticated technology and architecture, including Java servlets, Apache web sever, Linux and Oracle. It is truly an example of some of the most advanced applications of technology

In order to play, customers use their credit cards to deposit funds into their accounts. Once a deposit has been made, their accounts are debited or credited with funds wagered or won. The casino has received over $20,000,000 in wagers and has entered the highly lucrative Casino Software Licensing market.

Heinz - (no public viewing)

Objectives of Entire Project:

To implement a Client/Server Financial Data Warehouse. The FDW will provide data to various existing systems including approximately 250 off-the-shelf reporting, analysis and application-development products such as SQL Windows, Impromptu, MS Access, Crystal Reporter, Excel, 1-2-3, Powerbuilder, Forest & Trees etc.

To implement a Financial Forecasting System. Create a system in which to develop and store Monthly Rough-Cut Forecasts, Monthly Forecast, Business Plans, Preliminary Budgets for companies under the Consolidated Heinz Canada umbrella.


Capital IT staff did full technical development of all calculators, search engine, and database driven personal section ("My Page").

Calculated Account Management System - Private Viewing Only

This application is a JAVA tool for account managers to look at different options for splitting their clients' account balances between investments and operating accounts. It is a tool for an Intranet, and as such has a very targeted deployment use. It is designed for Netscape Navigator running on Windows 95 or Windows NT. Capital IT did full design, and development on this, while working onsite with users to determine functional and business requirements.

GlaxoWellcome - Private Site (no public viewing)

This site is a feedback form used to collect survey information from Ontario's doctors online. Approximately 5000 of them were mailed a Business Reply Card by this leading pharmaceutical company. This card when filled out provides the doctors with free samples of the new drug Amerge.

By putting the survey online, both response rate increases, and management cost decrease, as much of the project is automated. When the doctor submits a form, the data is stored in a database and then formatted into a word document and mailed off automatically to the doctors' local representative as an attachment. The reps can then deliver the sample drug, talk to the doctor, and get their signature on the formatted word document for legal purposes.

For doctors who choose to mail the form, administrative screens in the back of the software offer a way for data entry personnel to quickly update the database. Various statistics such as response rate through the web and through the mail are measured and reported on.

Capital IT provided full design, requirements definition, and development of this application.


This site is for a high-end kitchen manufacturer looking for an entry into the net. The unique aspect of this site is a virtual reality sequence that has been integrated in the site. Browsers can preview a feature kitchen by panning and zooming in and out around the room.

This is a sophisticated and complex site that utilizes technologies such as Oracle, Tomcat, Apache, java, JSP, Shockwave, and secure, on-line, real-time credit card processing.

Results: The result is a dynamic site that is a living entity. Sport fans can visit on a daily basis and see something different each time. Capital IT also created an e-commerce solution making deposits and wagering secure, easy and convenient.

So what is Sportsprops?
Rather than simply wagering in the traditional manner on the outcome of a game or event, proposition wagering allows you to select various events that may occur within the course of a sports and/or entertainment event.

We've completed many dynamic and effective sites. We're always excited about the opportunity of working with our clients on similar initiatives. We have many new ideas and concepts designed to extend and expand our clients' services. We are looking for opportunities to develop these ideas and concepts... perhaps one of them might meet your company's needs.

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