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Capital IT inc. provides services in computer-generated graphic design, technologies development and management of technical projects. Our staff resources offer a balance of technical expertise and graphic design capabilities with personnel trained and experienced in the most current and popular design methodologies and technologies.

Our team works closely with each client to develop a plan of attack by which to navigate, reach and evaluate the parameters of success.

Development and integration solutions from Capital IT are based on a firm understanding of the client's business objectives and interactive marketing goals. We work with our clients to crystallize ideas and concepts, and to clearly define project requirements. These steps create a technological environment that is more effective, cost efficient and trouble free.

To aid in new development, we can lead and direct the following:

  • Web and Software Development (Internet, Intranet, Extranet)
  • Technology Assessment and Integration Services
  • Application Testing
  • Database System Development
  • Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, Data Mining
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Project Management
  • Tool Selection

Cost Model

For all projects, we offer project based costing, with defined requirements and timelines and fixed price, as well as ongoing, time and materials development.

In all cases, we want to give clients a level of service above and beyond their expectations, while providing excellent value. Our ability to deliver a wide range of services is due to in-house senior level technical staff and our extensive partners in the industry. These relationships allow us to fully execute a project for a client. Whether you need a small role to fill or fully outsource a development project, we can bring together all the necessary talent to properly deliver a high-quality solution.

With either cost model, we provide guarantees to the client to prevent cost overruns. Our process includes a requirements definition developed jointly with our input, followed by a project proposal and scope document that outline the project costs and details.

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